Developmental Editing


Developmental editing is the first stage in the editing process. This is a big-picture edit. If you have an idea that you want to bring to fruition but do not know how to begin, or if you’re mid-manuscript and you need direction, or if you have completed your first draft, a developmental edit is what you need.


During this stage you will meet with the developmental editor to discuss your ideas, concerns, and goals for your manuscript. The editor will then read through your manuscript, providing comments and asking questions along the way to steer your writing towards your end goal. The developmental editor will be looking for:


  • Inconsistencies

  • Unclear prose

  • Missing information

  • How the narrative flows

  • The effectiveness of the story arc


Questions the developmental editor might ask include:


  • Does the manuscript accomplish what the author wanted?

  • Does the writing meet the expectations and requirements of its genre?

  • Are there any holes in story? Does it make sense?

  • Is there too much information or too little information in each section?


The developmental editor’s job is to ensure your writing works for your intended audience. We help you create a strong base before you move forward. Copyediting and proofreading are not completed during this stage in the editing process.


Cost: 3 cents per word.

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