The second stage in the editing process is copyediting. This is a sentence-level edit. If you’re a few drafts into your novel and you’re satisfied with the overall structure, a copyedit is what you need. This is also the perfect editing stage for blogs, articles, essays, and any other copy that has been written but requires review. Some of the questions the copyeditor will ask include:


  • Does each sentence make sense?

  • Are there any grammar or spelling mistakes?

  • Does the manuscript conform to house-style or the style manual?

  • Does the author use clear language for their intended audience?


The copyeditor might comment on structural issues if a major concern is found but they will mostly be reviewing the readability and clarity of the manuscript.


Cost: $40 per hour. Prices vary from project to project, but we have found that we work at roughly 5 pages per hour.

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