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We love books, we love writing, we love helping authors express themselves with clarity and accuracy. We are a professional editing team with decades of experience in the fields of editing, writing, and publishing.


Anthony Does


Stephen Lawhead


"Ross is tops in his field. Thorough, comprehensive copyediting with a touch of literary magic. He sees the author’s vision and brings it clarity and polish. Ross meticulously corrected each grammatical issue, which greatly improved my memoir in matters of flow and precision and thanks to his insight, this very personal book will now have a broader appeal. As a copyeditor, Ross was particularly helpful and knowledgeable in assisting me in authenticating sources and verifying quotations. It is clear from the wide range of expertise evidenced by his impressive work he can be relied on to make first-rate contributions to any scholarly and/or editorial project he undertakes."

"As our organization, Wonder Voyage, comes into our twentieth year we give a grateful sigh of relief that Fabled Fox Editing is our sole editor for our major communications projects. Our primary source of communication is through our website, e-newsletters, blog articles and promotional material. There is nothing more embarrassing than a major editing issue that is read by thousands. With Fabled Fox we don't have to worry about those editorial errors. I love to know that any item out under the eyes of Fabled Fox makes us more professional, creative and clear. I can't imagine a Wonder Voyage without them."

"Ross stepped in to redraft my manuscript of Scarlet when poor health put me at risk of missing a deadline. He was able to emulate my style and assimilate the concerns of the editor. He was able to do anything, from adding a word or two to a sentence, to rewriting entire chapters. He was quick and professional, and I've returned to him for editorial advice since."

"To partner with that magical editor who both challenges you to become a better writer and corrects your work in a way that accomplishes that challenge without suffocating your creativity is like befriending a benevolent wizard. For the last several years, I have partnered with Coeli who has edited my last two books, a film project,  several published articles, and my own in-house publications. She consistently bring my writing to a level of excellence while encouraging me as an author. Her no-nonsense and timely feedback has been vital in my development as a writer.  As I currently work on a new book and film, I am thankful that I have Coeli in my corner."



Coeli is our jack-of-all-trades editor. She really enjoys developmental editing, and also excels at copyediting and proofreading. She has a passion for helping authors tell their story in the most effective, clear, and impacting way for their intended audience. She is a fast worker and never sacrifices quality for quantity. 

Her favorite author is J. M. Barrie. She has currently collected over 40 of his works by searching, what was surely, every antiquarian bookshop in Britain. She also enjoys reading, writing, and traveling.


Ross is our writer-in-residence. For the last fifteen years he has been making his living writing novels, scripts, and screenplays. He has published books under his own name and others'. Not happy unless he's written at least one or two books a year, he ghostwrites non-fiction and challenges himself to NaNoWriMo. He has also has a keen eye for design and has illustrated a graphic novel.

He collects (accumulates) vintage Penguin paperbacks, which is totally a real thing and not at all a made up hobby. 

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